The Show Returns Monday, July 13th!

Good day/evening to all those out there! It's me, Josh, checking in with you to announce that Season 3 of The Podcast Podcast is almost here! New episodes will start broadcasting over the Internet electrons on Monday, July 13.

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Live From PodSlam15

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Josh and Scott find themselves performing live at PodSlam15, a wrestling-themed podcasting marathon benefiting children with cancer. Since it makes little sense for them to be there, the co-hosts struggle to figure out what to talk about, and eventually get into a physical altercation on stage. You can still donate at!

Announcement For Special Announcement

Hi all! Josh Righter here, of the website and podcast, The Podcast Podcast. Just checking in to announce the arrival of a very special announcement. This announcement will be posted to this website very soon, so please check back!

P.S. Season 3 is coming!

P.P.S. That was not the announcement, but more of an supplemental update.

Episode 20: Show Stats

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As Season 2 draws to its horrifying conclusion, the co-hosts must stare into the eye of the abyss and, once and for all, determine if they actually have any listeners. Also covered: a joke about nuns, Nazi brooches, and much more.

Episode 19: Live Show

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For the first time ever, the co-hosts podcast together in person. Will it actually make a difference? And will they get to entertain a huge studio audience in Josh's terrifying basement? Plus: a surprise guest who hates the show!

Special Delay Statement Warning

Attention listeners: it's Josh Righter here, co-host of this podcast, The Podcast Podcast. Due to the events of Hurricane Katrina, tonight's 1 Minute Preview will be delayed. We are still on track to give you the full episode this Monday, March 16th, as planned. Thank you for your patience and kindness during this troubled time.

Episode 18: Other Shows

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The boys survey their work to date and how it compares against other podcasts, then realize they still don't have anything to show for it. Scott may have a topic, but it's just terrible. Plus: is Josh actually going insane?

Episode 16: Listener Feedback

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Still without a topic, the co-hosts decide to check their phone hotline for listener feedback, in hopes that it will tell them how to improve the show/confirm that the show is perfect. Also covered: is lying on a podcast a federal crime?

Episode 15: Explicit Content

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After performing extensive research, Josh realizes that explicit podcasts are popular. But Scott has a realization of his own: he is now a perfect gentleman. Now, it's up to Josh to finally figure out a horrible show topic for popularity and money.

Episode 14: Show Length

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Josh's latest theory is that if only the show had more length, it would be more satisfying to advertisers. Scott points out that lengthening the show would require a show topic of some kind. The co-hosts brainstorm. Plus: is Josh dead?

Episode 13: Bonus Content

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In the continued absence of advertisers, the co-hosts discuss monetizing the show by offering bonus content of some kind. Also covered: inappropriate parts of Scott's body, Mac & Me, the true key to Josh's happiness, and more.

Episode 11: Podcasts, Part 2

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The co-hosts discuss, again, why they're making this podcast, what a podcast is, and how they're able to be on the Internet. Also covered: how getting rich from the podcast is a better idea than mining for precious metals.

Happy New Season!

Josh here, just checking in to wish everyone the very luckiest and well new year! I'm happy to report that I've put a lot of things behind me, and I'm ready to make 2015 amazing. Please stay tuned to see what's next. Until then, lots of love, Josh.

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