Take Home the Musical Soundtrack Everyone Wants to Hear!

Just in time for the holiday season, it's the The Podcast Podcast: The Podcast Musical Experience: The Official Soundtrack! That's right: now you can own the songs from this year's smash musical in your very own music library. And here's something that will even make old Scrooge turn into a Grinch (the nice one, after his heart grew three sizes that day): every song has been completely remastered and enhanced for this special musical release!

Available now on iTunes and Apple Music!

Episode 30: Are Podcasts Real?

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After 29 episodes of unsuccessful podcasting, the co-hosts must face the very real possibility that podcasts are not real at all, and that their entire show has been an elaborate illusion. Josh and Scott discuss the very nature of reality itself, particularly as it relates to podcasting and Josh's ex-wife.

Episode 29: The Podcast Christmas

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It's Christmas at The Podcast Podcast! For Scott, that means asking why the co-hosts are doing a Christmas show during a non-Christmas time. But for Josh, it means a great opportunity to give help and get profit from charities. Also covered: whether or not people in Africa, China, and Norway know it's Christmas.

Episode 28: The Podcast Spin-off

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Scott, disgusted by the inherent flaws he sees in the podcasting medium, decides to quit the show and start his own podcast. Josh is concerned about what this could mean for the existing show. Also covered against his will and consent: Josh's divorce.

Episode 27: The Podcast Advice

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After 26 episodes of podcasting, the co-hosts realize they have valuable experience they could sell to other podcasters for money. Listen in for tips on not offending your stupid hipster audience, and why you should never podcast. Plus: how the sayings of Jesus apply to the show.

Episode 26: The Podcast Plan

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Josh realizes that the key to getting the podcast officially started on the road to success is creating a business plan. The co-hosts discuss what that might entail, including writing the entire show as a Hollywood script and Canadian Slam Poetry. Plus: is the show's brand-new mascot a disgusting lawsuit waiting to happen?

Episode 25: The Podcast Audience

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Josh thinks that Scott's constant slandering of the show's potential audience is damaging the show's potential for an audience. The boys then discover and subsequently ruin the chance to appeal to an untapped market for podcasts. Also covered: a very popular dragon/business-related show on HBO.

Episode 24: The Podcast Computer

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Scott uses the Internet to order a special computerized podcast co-host, but Josh is skeptical about its true motives. Also covered: the sexual favors Scott hopes to gain from doing the podcast, and the possible end of humanity.